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Tournaments and College Camps

by USA Preps » Thu Jun 06, 2019 12:45 pm

Here is why you should come and play USA Preps events!

Almost every USA Preps event is held at just 2 locations so that all the college coaches can see the players and vice versa!

All USA Preps events have guaranteed college coaches from all levels at all locations.

When you come to a USA Preps event it’s all about quality competition and the best recruiting opportunities.

USA Preps has partnered with many top organizations like So Cal Choppers and Easton Preps to name a couple. Because of these relationships and others, we have now added an Elite Division for the best of the best teams!

USA Preps offers some of the lowest prices in the showcase tournament industry. The cost is usually less than $100 per player to have the opportunity to actually get seen by college coaches and play against like or better teams.

USA Preps hosts 6 - 8 instructional events where college coaches are in the dugout instructing players during a showcase format games.

USA Preps offers 6 - 8 championship bracket events where everyone is playing to win. At some of these championship style events USA Preps holds the semifinals and championship games at Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Northridge and UNLV.

All College Camps run by USA Preps have a 1-5 player to coach ratio or better!

USA Preps started in 2011 and had less than 200 players at its events and in 2018 there were almost 12,000. There is a reason why USA Preps has grown so much and that is simply they provide what they say they are going to provide and that is allot of college coaches and great competition played on excellent fields!

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