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CA High School

Who would be CA's best high school team?

by Yardball » Fri Jun 05, 2020 12:31 pm

With such a long break since a softball game has been played. One starts to wonder what would the end of the High School season would've looked like especially in the post season. Obviously Norco and Great Oak looking strong, but Huntington Beach looked good and Los Al made a strong statement in the beginning. For myself I would've loved to see Mater Dei. What they did in both games against Norco was impressive. The game where MD beat Norco that was great coaching from the dugout. Now include the HR from that MD big hitter and the MD pitching from the mound, that was good stuff. Not taking anything away from Norco they truly have elite pitching, but come on Norco Vs. MD 3 would've been great for high school ball. Even Norco Vs. Los Al I think would have been just as special. Some games had me anxious for the post season. This season would've been fun to watch. All that matters now is that everyone is safe and healthy!
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