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Foreign Object coming into field of play during live ball? ?

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by Soulja » Sat Sep 11, 2021 10:21 am

During ASA State Championship play, bases loaded and batter hits line drive to fence between RF & CF. All runners score and batter ends on 2B. After 2 runners scored, and 3rd baserunner was rounding 3rd a foul ball from another field fell into our field in foul territory next to 3B dugout near batters box. Our live ball, was not yet thrown in from outfield. Umpire yells "dead ball", my runners kept running and finished play. No one at fields knows when the ball actually fell in as no one saw it because they were looking at the ball in outfield. Homeplate umpire really didn't know when it came in either, but that is when he saw the ball. Umpire ruled, that only 1 run scored, and 2 original base runners back and the batter only got a single. I officially protest at that moment. They call UIC and he only talks to the umpire, not to the coaches, or players on the field, and he rules that it stands with only 1 base being granted to batter. We lose the game by 1 run. I have searched rule book upside down and don't find anything that addresses if anything comes into the actual field (foul or fair) during a live ball i.e. foul ball, dead bird dropping from sky, piece of trash, sky diver, etc. Does anyone know if even a Dead ball should have been called and how on earth they could have given a single to a ball clearly hit to the fence. There was another head UIC for the tournament at another park and he seemed like they got it wrong, but in the end that stuck with their original ruling. They are now claiming that they believe the ball came in to play when the original batter had not yet reached first that is why they gave a single, however I guarantee you all of my baserunners (3 of them) would have noticed the big man in blue yelling dead ball in front of the plate when they were touching home if that was the actual scenario.
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