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Well, we are just about to start the 8th year Heybucket has been up and running. I can't believe it has already been 8 years. I also can't believe how big Heybucket has become.

In 2012 we had over 124 million hits from over 100 countries, 2014 we had over 125 million hits and 2015 will top that. We are still growing and growing fast and we haven't even put a dent in the softball world.

I did not start Heybucket as a business, I started it for all softball lovers like me to have a place to go and talk about the game we all love. Now 7 years into it and I am spending about 20 hours a week keeping the site going. You can't imagine how much time Spazsdad and I spend everyday just helping people with lost passwords or lost users names. It is getting to be a full time job and we are ready to get some help to help us keep up with all the demands. The site is now costing us 15 times more than it did our first year.

That being said many people profit from Heybucket. From selling goods out of our classified adds forum to making money off tournaments, friendlies, camps and clinics.

Starting November 25th 2013 to be able to post an add in the classified forum, tournaments forum, friendlies forum, or camps and clinics forum you will have to be a Premium member which is only $9.95 a year. Becoming a premium member also gives you a Heybucket app for your smart phone.

If you want to be a premium member and want a Heybucket app that is great too. Sign up for $9.95 a year to get you membership and your smart phone app. All premium members will be known by a special icon by your member name.

Help keep Heybucket up and running and become a premium member today for less than .82 cents a month and get yourself a Heybucket phone app

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